CS52: Full-Stack Web Development
Student, Developer, & Designer

Project 1: Blog

What did I build?

A Create+Update+Delete (CRUD) style blogging app built using using React and Redux and React-Router. To make this project actually full-stack, I also built a Nodejs+Express+Mongo based API server, which supports ‘title’, ‘content’, ‘tags’, ‘cover_url’.

Project 2: FloatNotes

What did I build?

A post-it note style app where users can add notes, move them around, edit them, and delete them. This React app will use Firebase as it’s backend to store collections of notes. The position of notes will also be stored, so people in multiple browsers can edit and arrange them in realtime. The notes themselves will support markdown notation and editing.

Basic Specs

  • Add a note
  • Delete a note
  • Move a note in x, y
  • Edit a note: title, content
  • Notes: have title and content display with some formatting
  • Persists all changes to Firebase in realtime
  • Updates based on Firebase events
  • Styling